Brush Dale Hunting Preserve and Kennel
Male or Female? continued ...
If you have other dogs who will be sharing your home with your new Munster, you should give serious consideration to which sex is likely to get along the best with your current canine family member(s). If you have a neutered male, regardless of breed or size, it makes no difference what sex your new puppy is. They will get along fine. If you have an intact male, he will get along equally well with a neutered male or spayed female Munster. Two intact males can get along fine sharing a home/kennel, unless/until an intact female comes along. Then they may fight. It generally is best if the intact males are not close in age. An intact male and an intact female will, of course, get along well. However, the intact male may experience medical problems if not bred. Therefore, if you do not plan to frequently breed your male, you should have him neutered if he will be in constant contact with an intact female. Even spayed females can be very dominant. If you have a dominant female 'ruling the roost' at home, she will get along best with a male (intact or neutered). Two females (spayed or intact) can get along fine sharing a home/kennel, but you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that one of them may some day challenge for dominance.
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