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Pheasant and quail are popular entrees at Brush Dale, as are wild turkey and deer. Besides tasty wild game recipes, you'll find scrumptious ways to serve garden vegetables and delicious desserts. Lodge Recipes

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Brush Dale Kennel
RR Litter Whelped 03/26/22
1 Roan Female
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Brush Dale's Real Deal (Kim)

Brush Dale's Real Deal (Kim)
IntCH Daisy Zimni vrch (Kimber) Dam:
IntCH Daisy Zimni vrch (Kimber)
IntCH Brush Dale's Vanishing Point (Radar) Sire:
IntCH Brush Dale's Vanishing Point (Radar)
Brush Dale's Real Deal (Kim) was born on March 26, 2022 as part of the RR Litter. The RR Litter is a Czech linebreeding (view litter pedigree). Tragically, Kimber didn't go into labor and had an emergency c-section. Seven of the eight puppies were lost. Kim, named after her mother, is the only survivor. We had planned on keeping a puppy for breeding from the RR Litter, so were thrilled the survivor was a female.
Unfortunately, Kim has a conformation imperfection that will prevent her from receiving a V-1 (superior) conformation rating, which is one of Brush Dale's breeding requirements. She does not carry her tail correctly - it has a lot of upward curl. There's nothing wrong with her tail. She simply doesn't hold it correctly much of the time, although she generally points correctly. This flaw doesn't affect her physically in any way, it just doesn't look like it should. We often jokingly and lovingly call her "Monkey Tail."
Kim is a small, dark roan female with slight Jungklaus markings on her rump and tail. She's a very good-looking dog with excellent structure and a very nice looking head. She's extremely bold, outgoing, playful and affectionate with a ton of character. She still plays enthusiastically with her younger relatives and gets along well with all the dogs in our household. She can be highly persistent when it comes to wanting to be petted, mostly due to her being a spoiled singleton puppy. Still, she's cooperative and sensitive like most all Munsters and has an excellent "off-switch" in the house. She's always lived with several other dogs, so even when we've been gone, she's never been alone.
Kim's gun-conditioned and has had a lot of field experience on pheasants (max of 3 guns thus far). She has tremendous drive, enthusiasm and persistence. She searches and tracks like a demon. She's skilled at finding birds, but is still developing self-control. She's beginning to honor the older dogs' points and is transforming from bird-busting puppy into a methodical searcher. She still has a great deal of "puppy" in her and sometimes chases and barks after a flush. She also has a great deal of fur drive and lauts on both scent and sight. She picks up and carries dead pheasants, deer legs and anything else she finds. Although she may need some retrieve training before the next hunting season, she isn't a dog who will handle traditional forced retrieve training. She's far too sensitive for it. It would break her. She's been clicker trained and I am confident she'll excel using the Clicked Retriever training method, which I've started her on.
Kim loves the water and will race down the bank and launch herself into the Pond. She'll get so excited chasing a swimming bird that she'll dog paddle and bark. It's pretty hilarious. I can easily get her swimming by throwing a bumper or stick.
She is fully housebroken, but has always had a doggy door to take herself outside. She has had basic obedience training: she automatically sits for treats; sits on command; downs on command; and does not jump on people. She walks nicely on lead, but hasn't been leashed often or taken for long walks on a leash. She takes an off-lead run with all our dogs every day for 20-30 minutes, stays with us and checks back often.. She likes riding in the Yukon, but hasn't been in vehicles often. When she was younger I crated her, but for the past few months she's been riding in the back without being crated. Although she often wears an e-collar on her daily run, we haven't needed to condition her to the stimulation as she's been compliant with recall. Now that she's getting older and more proficient at hunting, we will be training her to recall to the tone of her e-collar.
In case there are any doubts, I can confirm she is somewhat spoiled. She sleeps on the couch during the day (the footstool is her favorite spot). At night she sleeps in bed, usually with her head on my stomach. --Michelle

Brush Dale's Real Deal (Kim)
Brush Dale's Real Deal (Kim)
Brush Dale's Real Deal (Kim)
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